R Language

What is R Language

R is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. It is a GNU project and can be considered a different implementation of S language but very much more extensible, which is done via packages.

In fact the R language should be viewed as the scripting language for the R environment.

On one hand, these notes are intended to make the language easier to learn, on the other hand the R language itself will help you to understand much better some Data Mining algorithms.

The following are the most remarkable features of R Language:

A Storage facility

<dbConnect()> <read.table(x)>

Operators for calculations on matrices

<as.matrix(x)> <M = matrix(nrow=60, ncol=2)>

Graphical facilities for data analysis and display

<plot(x)> <summary(x)> 

Control structures

<if(..) {...} else {...}> <for(..) {...}> <while(..) {...}>

Statistics oriented operators

<rnorm(n=20, mean=1, sd=1>

Packages enhancement extend a wide range of modern statistics through the CRAN project


Official web site for R language is www.r-project.org

Official web site for R Packages is www.cran.r-project.org

R Documentation

All case studies developed in our site will contain all required R language and Data Mining explanations in order to easy understand each step, nevertheless we find interesting to supply links in case you need further detailed info. 

R manuals in English from the CRAN project

At CRAN web site you will find a FAQ page, but for more R programming oriented help you can visit R_FAQ

In contributed documentation you will find also R programming guides both for beginners and more advanced profiles as well as docs in other languages like Spanish.

R Packages Data Mining oriented

In contributed packages web site you will find a list of available packages and instructions to install them in different platforms.

The following are the ones we will cover in much more detail in our site:

Weka is an excellent machine learning project delivered as a GNU open source. Weka has nice and unique implementations like J48 decision tree algorithm.
The good new is that R has a package RWeka which includes most of the data mining algorithms covered in the Weka project.

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